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Do You Trust God?

Do You Trust God?

El Shaddai met Abraham’s need supernaturally, and He does the same for you and me today. God reveals His character through His names, and in the name El Shaddai, God reveals Himself as the almighty God who is able to meet every need.

When God told Abraham he would have a son through Sarah, he laughed. It was easier for Abraham to believe God could bless Ishmael than it was for him to believe God could supernaturally give him a son through his wife, who was ninety years old.

Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you have a financial need or feel God calling you to a particular purpose and don’t see a way it can be accomplished in the natural. We must remember that El Shaddai is God Almighty. He can do anything, even what seems impossible to us, and we can trust Him to fulfill the specific destinies to which He has called each of us.

We must trust that El Shaddai will supernaturally meet our needs, and when we do, we will walk in His abundance and blessing. As the apostle Paul wrote, “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in [Messiah] Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). If you desire to walk with the God who spoke to Abraham, then you must fully trust Him and His leading through the Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh.

Abraham is the father of all who believe because he entered into relationship with God through his faith, just as we do today, both Jew and Gentile alike. (See Romans 4.)

Even though Abraham was a great man of faith, he lived a life like ours, walking partly in the flesh and partly in faith. When Abraham lived in the flesh, failing to trust in El Shaddai’s supernatural power, the result was failure to enter into the fullness of his inheritance. The descendants of Hagar’s son, Ishmael, have been a source of contention for the Jewish people for centuries, even until today.

When we live in the flesh, as Abraham did when he sought to bring God’s promise to pass through his own works, nothing good will come from it. We must learn to cease our efforts and allow El Shaddai to supernaturally meet our needs.

So I want to encourage you to step out in faith, trusting El Shaddai to supernaturally perform His will in and through you. Rather than attempting to accomplish things in your own ability, begin sitting before God Almighty, spending time with Him and developing a sensitivity to the leading of His Spirit. When we commit to following and trusting Him in faith, El Shaddai will supernaturally meet our needs.

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