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Stand With Israel Fundraiser

Donate to Israel

Donate to Israel

Join us in making a difference for the people of Israel! Your contribution can help build a brighter, more secure future for this resilient nation. Israel faces unique challenges, and your support can make a meaningful impact.


Your generous donation, no matter the size, can make a significant impact on the lives of the people in Israel. Let's come together to support this nation's resilience and growth. When you donate today, you will be helping these ministries:

Jews for Jesus, Sue Perlman said: we are putting together care packages which we are distributing to displaced persons and soldiers on the bases. They cost us $20 a package and we can produce thousands as we have funds. We are doing this in the name of Yeshua. Click here for other ways to help.

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America, Joel Chernoff  will rush aid to the hardest-hit areas. People need food -- medicine -- mothers need diapers for their babies -- The poorest of the poor urgently need household goods, clothing, shoes, beds. Some are disabled but without wheelchairs or walkers, without even crutches.

Vision for Israel, Barry and Batya Segal So far, has installed 155 bomb shelters upon the northern and southern borders of Israel and they are desperate for more this week and in the coming weeks. They cost Vision for Israel $12,000 each, which includes the cost of production, cranes, delivery trucks, installation and signage. They weigh 30 tons each of massive rebar and concrete specially made to withstand rockets. People in the south have taken refuge inside many of them in the very areas Vision for Israel placed them since the summer of 2021. Vision for Israel will do their best to keep you updated but they are in a war and the requests are coming from all directions, not only for the bomb shelters but also for emergency medical supplies. Please prayerfully consider what the Lord may lay on your heart. Donations can also be sent to one of their branch offices by going to their website:www.visionforisrael.comVision for Israel is a non-profit charitable organization in Israel, the UK, and a 501C-3 in the USA. 

Watch and Share this video to learm more on how you can help support Israel: