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Through the Storm: Courageous Faith in Turbulent Times

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What if the most beautiful kind of faith is the type that has been tested and tried?

After reading this book I will be able to trust God with every struggle, disappointment, and worry I face. No longer will I feel the need to rely on my own strength; instead, I will be able to lean totally on Christ.

Brief Summary

Step into the inspiring journey of resilience, faith, and triumph as Joni Lamb unveils her untold story in Through the Storm. As the visionary cofounder of the groundbreaking Daystar Television Network, Joni has navigated uncharted territories, overcome countless trials, and emerged stronger than ever before.

In this candid account, Joni Lamb opens up about the tumultuous storms she faced while propelling Daystar to become the world's largest Christian television network. From the relentless challenges of establishing and growing the network to the personal struggles she encountered, Joni fearlessly shares the highs and lows of her remarkable journey.

But the storms didn't stop there. Joni's life took an unexpected turn with the devastating loss of her husband, Marcus. In the face of unbearable grief and uncertainty, she discovered the true depth of her faith and the indomitable strength within her. Through the darkest days, Joni clung to her unwavering belief in Christ, finding solace, purpose, and hope even in the midst of unimaginable pain.

Through the Storm is more than a memoir. Drawing from her own experiences, Joni offers invaluable principles and profound insights for fellow believers, revealing how to navigate the tempests of life with unwavering faith. With wisdom gained through adversity, she provides a guiding light for those seeking solace and strength in their own storms.

Discover the power of resilience, the beauty of redemption, and the unshakable faith that propels us through life's most trying moments. Joni Lamb's captivating story will captivate your heart, leaving you inspired and empowered to face your own storms with unyielding courage and unwavering trust in Christ. 

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About the Author

Joni Lamb is the president of Daystar Television Network, which she cofounded with her late husband, Marcus Lamb. Today the network reaches over 110 million homes in the United States and over five billion people worldwide. She is also the executive producer and host of her daily talk show, Joni Table Talk, which addresses relevant, godly solutions for today’s complex problems. Her uncompromising values have won the respect of millions worldwide. To date Joni Table Talk has received ten Telly Awards, three Lone Star Emmy Awards, and five Daytime Emmy nominations. Lamb also cohosts Daystar’s daily, live flagship broadcast Ministry Now with her husband, Dr. Doug Weiss, and her children and their spouses, Jonathan and Suzy Lamb, Josh and Rachel Lamb Brown, and Jonathan and Rebecca Lamb Weiss. In addition to leading Daystar, Lamb is a sought-after conference speaker and singer, and ministers frequently throughout the country.

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Customer Reviews

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I have never received my book

Bernardine Kolstad
Title aptly describes the book.

The book kept my interest from the first page through the last. I am glad I read it because the truths Joni told gave me a whole new level of compassion and respect for her. It only took a few days to read it. And, it was a nice touch that her new hubby wrote a little bit too. That was a pleasant surprise.