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The Trump Code: Exploring Time Travel, Nikola Tesla, the Trump Lineage, and America's Future

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AVAILABLE NOW FOR PRE-ORDER. Book Release Date is 9/3/2024

Could the Trump family’s connections to time travel theories, esoteric knowledge, and secret societies hold clues to unlocking the mysteries of our past and future?

By the end of this book, I will be able to connect the uncanny parallels between the novels Lockwood penned over a century ago and the Trump family legacy. Additionally, I will be able to solve the mystery to the upcoming 2024 election season.


In the annals of American presidential history, there is no more peculiar tale than the eerie similarities between former President Donald Trump and a series of novels called, The Baron Trump Collection, penned by the obscure yet seemingly prophetic hand of American lawyer and novelist Ingersoll Lockwood in the late 1800s.

The Trump Code delves into the connections between the Baron Trump novels and the enigmatic Trump family legacy, asking whether this nineteenth-century novelist foresaw the future of not only Trump but also America and the world. It also uncovers a web of historical events and divine providence.

Drawing from biblical passages about Enoch, Elijah, the Apostle John, the Mount of Transfiguration, and a mysterious verse in Ephesians on how Christ’s followers are seated in “heavenly places,” along with theories of time travel by Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and others, The Trump Code connects the pieces of this riveting puzzle, posing the question of whether “truth is stranger than fiction,” as Mark Twain famously said.

As we peel back the layers of history, The Trump Code confronts questions that defy easy answers:

  • Could these fictional novels hold clues to the upcoming 2024 presidential election, with all its division and chaos?

  • Is there a divine hand guiding the course of human events, as suggested by the parallels in these novels between fiction and reality?

  • Or are we witnessing the machinations of darker forces, hinted at by the curious numerology surrounding Lockwood’s name?

About the Author

Troy Anderson is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and coauthor of the bestsellers The Babylon Code, Trumpocalypse, and The Military Guide to Armageddon. The vice president and COO of Battle Ready Ministries, Anderson lives with his family in Irvine, California. Find out more at

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