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Let America Live: Exposing the Hidden Agenda Behind the 2020 Pandemic, My Journey

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Against all odds, our fight for freedom is our responsibility, we must RISE!

This book will expose you to the hidden realities of the media’s silencing and opposition to those against the Left’s agenda. You will have increased confidence to stand strong for your beliefs about your health, faith, and personal life despite what is going on around you.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, Dr. Stella Immanuel started treating her patients with hydroxychloroquine and saw surprising success. To date, she says she has treated more than seven thousand COVID patients with the drug, and only eight have passed away. The rest recovered.

Yet Dr. Immanuel has been ripped in the media and even by the medical community, who say the drug not only doesn’t work but is harmful—the complete opposite of her experience. Her videos and accounts have been blocked on social media. The backlash has been so intense that she began to wonder if more sinister forces weren’t behind the attacks against her and other doctors who advocate using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID.

Dr. Immanuel shares her story—from an unassuming Houston physician to one of the Left’s favorite punching bags. A minister, as well as a physician, Dr. Immanuel, also exposes the dark spiritual agenda she believes is behind the medical community’s opposition to hydroxychloroquine as a COVID treatment and the vaccination push. Despite intense opposition, Dr. Immanuel refuses to be silenced. She issues a clarion call to believers and all who love liberty to stand boldly against the spiritual and natural forces that are threatening Americans’ health and the future of the nation.

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About the Author

Stella Immanuel, M.D., is a successful physician with an active practice in Houston as well as the founder of Fire Power Ministry in Katy, Texas. She devotes her life and resources to teaching believers everywhere to identify the sources of spiritual weakness, deception, and defeat to learn strategies of warfare to enable them to get and maintain their freedom.

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Publisher: ‎Charisma House (October 5, 2021)
Language: ‎English
Paperback: 256 pages
ISBN-10: ‎1636410960
ISBN-13: ‎978-1636410968
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
SUSAN Renfro Anderson
A Blessing with knowledge

I find this book easy to read and understand. Stella's Faith shines through her writing inspiring me. Being able to know the truth about the virus is important and the correct treatment. I did take the two maderna shots, but feel that my immune system was more important than the shots given. Many people have had reactions to the shots, I am thankful to God, that I was protected.

Karen Phillips
Let America Live

Stella Immanuel goes boldly into the pandemic with passionate faith, brave kindness, and selfless love for her patients and fellow believers. She triumphs over COVID by following what she had learned about therapeutics in her youth in Cameroon . Thank you Stella for standing up and leading us against the misinformation and medical tyranny you survived. You saved many lives both physically and spiritually. What a good and faithful servant!