God's Answer to the Growing Crisis

A Bold Call to Action in the End Times

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  • The dramatic shifts seen over the last few years—from economic to political to moral to beyond—have set the stage for a crisis that will affect every sphere of society. But this crisis isn’t just looming in the United States; all of humanity is at a crossroads like never before.
    Mike Bickle, director of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, offers God’s definitive answer to this approaching global crisis. He provides a fresh biblical perspective on:

    • The agenda to secularize and de-Christianize America
    • What the upsurge of secular humanism looks like
    • The rise of ISIS and Islamic extremists
    • The looming financial crisis
    Readers will overcome fear and confusion in the last days and learn to pray effectively for this nation and the world.
  • Mike Bickle is the director of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City, Missouri a 24/7 prayer ministry. He is also chancellor of the International House of Prayer University, which consists of the Forerunner School of Ministry, a full-time Bible school in Kansas City, Missouri, the Forerunner Music Academy, and the Forerunner Media Institute. Bickle is the author of several books, including Passion for Jesus, Growing in the Prophetic, The Pleasures of Loving God, After God’s Own Heart, and Growing in Prayer.
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