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Why Jerusalem is Critical for Jesus’ Return

Why Jerusalem is Critical for Jesus’ Return

With every passing day, we move further away from the crucifixion and closer to His coming. The second coming provides a clear marker to which all of us should be aligned. He will come back to a certain place at a certain time. There are events that must take place leading up to that time. The cross is our point of orientation from the past. The second coming is our point of orientation for the future.

Both the crucifixion of Yeshua and the second coming occur in Jerusalem. Thus, the physical location of Jerusalem will have significance once again. Both events have to take place in Jerusalem. For most of the past 2000 years, from AD 70 to AD 1967, Jerusalem has not had so much importance as a geographical center of kingdom strategy. The city had been destroyed and left desolate.

The destruction of Jerusalem and its future restoration were predicted clearly by Yeshua in what was perhaps the single greatest predictive prophecy in history.

The destruction and rebuilding of Jerusalem were foretold. The rebuilding of Jerusalem is seen as a transition of spiritual importance marking the fullness of the times of the Gentiles. Jerusalem is the indicator of the change in the timing of God’s plan.

For the past two thousand years, the priorities in God’s plan have been to bring the gospel to every nation, to build the international ecclesia, and to spread the presence of the Holy Spirit. For these three goals (gospel, church, Holy Spirit), there is no need of a specific location. The Holy Spirit can be poured out at any time and any place. The ecclesia is found in every nation. Every person is invited to receive salvation at any time.

The Spirit is not limited to time and space. However, Yeshua is a man who lives in a body. He is confined to time and space when He is in this world. He had to be crucified in a specific place at a specific time. When He returns, He will return to a specific place at a specific time. That place is Jerusalem. Jerusalem did not have geographic importance for the past two thousand years. During that period of time, it was also not so important for Yeshua to be physically located on earth.

Jerusalem had to be in position for the events of the first coming. The fact that Jerusalem has been restored means that we are being prepared for the second coming. Jerusalem is the city of Yeshua. It was founded by Yeshua’s great-great-grandfather, David. Yeshua is the greater Son of David, the ruler and heir apparent of the city.

The second coming at Jerusalem forms a solid marker stone for our current alignment as the people of God. The starting line and the finish line is Jerusalem.

There will be a worldwide realignment. It will be made up of those Bible-believing Christians who recognize God’s covenant with Israel and of a major part of the people of Israel. It will likely include as well good-hearted humanists who are outraged by the huge injustice being done to evangelical Christians and to the nation of Israel. This coalition will stand up against injustice, but they will be a minority.

The majority of nations, including faithless Jews and Christians, will be swept away in this deception. They will be flooded with media lies about world peace and a one-world religion. They will hate true Christians and true Jews. It will be like World War II and the Holocaust, but much greater. In this huge war, evil forces will try to conquer Israel and all the nations. It will include a campaign to persecute and murder Jews and Christians.

In this massive apocalyptic war, apparently one-third of the entire human race will be slaughtered (Revelation 9:15, 18), two-thirds of the nation of Israel (Zechariah 13:8), and one-half of Jerusalem (14:2). At that moment, there is no room for any more delay. The punishment and judgment of God will be released against the wicked like a flash of lightning.

Although the majority of the nations will be aligned in this coalition against Israel and the church, there will be another alignment with Israel and the church standing together. This alignment has already started. Everyone in the world will be on one side or the other.

The linchpin between the international ecclesia and the nation of Israel is the Messianic Jewish remnant. The Messianic remnant is part of Israel by nationhood, language, history, and ethnicity. It is part of the ecclesia by faith in Messiah Yeshua, new birth, indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and loving fellowship.

The international ecclesia will be aligned with Israel in the end times. This alignment comes by partnership with the Messianic community within Israel. The partnership takes place by covenant-al relationship, common faith, and an understanding of biblical prophecy.

So there is a double alignment: one for war in which all the nations will come against Jerusalem to battle; the other as an alignment between Israel and the church, with the covenant link being the Messianic remnant. Now is the time to form this alliance. Now is the time to build this alignment. It is urgent. Millions of lives are at stake.

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