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Who has the Power to Curse You?

Who has the Power to Curse You?

Have you ever wondered if curses are real, and who actually has the power and the authority to curse someone? Understanding how they can come into our lives and how we can cast them out is critical. However, we must also keep a wary eye out for who in our past had the authority to speak these things over us and bring them into fruition.

1. Guardians
The first place where human begin to get cursed is through guardianship. Meaning those who been given the assignment of raising us until we grow older. These guardians are either our parents, family members or various agencies that take us in when our parents abandon us (Bordering school, adoption agencies, etc…). A child is molded from the time they’re born up until late age of five, it’s during those years that word of affirmation, love, acceptance are crucially imprinting in helping that children grow up to healthy human being. But When those who are our guardians begin to curse with either their words or actions, these individuals, year later end up in front of me going through deliverance. I’ve conducted countless deliverance sessions and the demons that attached themselves to these persons through these curses by their guardians always show up. They show up so frequently that I usually confront the demons attached to word curses first and never fails, the most vile and ugliest demons show up. Look at how Noah cursed his grandson Canaan for the sin of his father Ham. This curse extends itself for many generations until children of Israel completely wipe out the nation of Canaan.

Genesis 9:24-25 TLB:
“When Noah awoke from his drunken stupor, and learned what had happened and what Ham, his younger son, had done, he cursed Ham's descendants: "A curse upon the Canaanites," he swore. "May they be the lowest of slaves To the descendants of Shem and Japheth."

The future of all people is usually tied to the words of those who are their guardians. This is why it’s important that you speak life over your children, over your families and over all who are under your care.

2. Spiritual high rank

The next group of people that can either bless or curse, are those who’ve been given spiritual oversight and authority over people. When a person has been sanctioned by God to be a spiritual leader over His people, that responsibility comes with the ability to speak cursing over people’s lives.

Genesis 31:17-21,30-34 TLB:
“So one day while Laban was out shearing sheep, Jacob set his wives and sons on camels, and fled without telling Laban his intentions. He drove the flocks before him-Jacob's flocks he had gotten there at Paddan-aram-and took everything he owned and started out to return to his father Isaac in the land of Canaan. So he fled with all of his possessions (and Rachel stole her father's household gods and took them with her) and crossed the
Euphrates River and headed for the territory of Gilead. But see here-though you feel you must go, and long so intensely for your childhood home-why have you stolen my idols?" "I sneaked away because I was afraid," Jacob answered. "I said to myself, 'He'll take his daughters from me by force.' But as for your household idols, a curse upon anyone who took them. Let him die! If you find a single thing we've stolen from you, I swear before all these men, I'll give it back without question." For Jacob didn't know that Rachel had taken them. Laban went first into Jacob's tent to search there, then into Leah's, and then searched the two tents of the concubines, but didn't find them. Finally he went into Rachel's tent. Rachel, remember, was the one who had stolen the idols; she had stuffed them into her camel saddle and now was sitting on them! So although Laban searched the tents thoroughly, he didn't find them.”

As you can see from the story that Jacob became enraged at his father-in-law accusation and pronounced a cursed for anyone who happen to take the idols. Without realizing it, his wife Rachels had taken them. The curse of death was now activated over Rachel’s life without realizing it. Years passed and Jacob not knowing just how much his words held that much authority in the courtroom of heaven, during the birth of their last child Benjamin, the curse of death came upon her and she died during child birth.

3. Angels from heaven
Angels also have the ability to curse people. We find Gabriel cursing Zachariah because he wouldn’t believe the word of the Lord concerning the birth of his son (John the Baptist). The essence of the story is clear: When heaven gives you a directive as concerning the future, it’s best you obey and not doubt.

Luke 1:19-20 TLB:
“Then the angel said, "I am Gabriel! I stand in the very presence of God. It was he who sent me to you with this good news! And now, because you haven't believed me, you are to be stricken silent, unable to speak until the child is born. For my words will certainly come true at the proper time."

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