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What Does It Mean to be Aligned with the Father’s Heart?

What Does It Mean to be Aligned with the Father’s Heart?

Everything starts with God’s heart as a Father and His love for us. He wanted to create a family with real children made in His image (Genesis 1:26). There had to be a divine pattern for human beings in the image of God. That image of God and man together is found in the “Anointed One”—the Christos. This is Yeshua (Jesus)—the Messiah.

The amazing love of God desires not only that we worship Him as His creatures, but also that we join together with Him as a family (Ephesians 3:14–15), that we become partakers of His divine nature (II Peter 1:4), and that we become one with Him (John 17:21–23).

God made us physically from the same material found in the earth around us, but then He blew His Spirit into us (Genesis 2:7). We have a paradoxical nature; we have two essential parts that do not seem to fit together so easily. We are part dirt and part the Spirit of God. Yeshua is the answer to that paradox. He is both God and man. Yeshua brings God’s will down into the earth and raises man-kind up to our destiny. He is the pattern of everything God wants for us. He is the center of God’s plan.

At one of the highest moments of revelation in the Scriptures, Yeshua prays for us to fulfill that destiny. He prays for us to be one with our heavenly Father, even as He is.

Everything good that will happen to us occurs “as it is” with Yeshua and the Father. We enter into a pattern, an order and relationship that already exist. This divine love and glory have existed “since before the foundation of the world.”

When we talk about “alignment,” we need to realize that the alignment started here. The alignment already exists. Yeshua is aligned with our heavenly Father. We are not inventing an alignment; we are entering into an alignment that is predetermined. All our alignment is based on the pattern of “as it is” with Yeshua. He is the Son in perfect alignment with the Father. Everything else just “falls in line.”

Although Yeshua and the Father are one, Yeshua is submitted to the Father. There is an alignment of authority, honor, precedence, and will. Yeshua said, “The Father is greater than I” (John 14:28), and I do “nothing unless the Father shows Me” (John 5:19). Yeshua prayed, “Not My will be done but Yours” (Matthew 26:39).

At the same time, the Father has given all authority to Yeshua; anyone who wants to honor the Father must honor the Son (John 5:23); they are one (John 10:30); the only way to come to the Father is through the Son (John 14:6). Yeshua’s submission to the heavenly Father and the divine glory in Him from the Father comprise the perfect alignment from which all other alignment flows.

This alignment is a pathway that has been prepared beforehand for us to walk in (Ephesians 2:10). We are drawn into that pathway by God’s love and grace. The sacrifice of Yeshua on the cross makes the divine alignment possible for us. Yeshua’s death and resurrection is the magnet that pulls us into that divine unity.

God is Father. A father is a combination of love and authority. Love without authority is a friend, not a father. Authority without love is a boss, not a father. Since God our Father is both love and authority, we are drawn into alignment with Him. That alignment has both intimacy and submission. There is intimacy because of His love; there is submission because of His authority.

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