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The Enemy’s Deception is Not What You Think it is

The Enemy’s Deception is Not What You Think it is

The following excerpt is from Anna Rountree’s where she saw a vision of the enemy’s tactics to lure in God’s people away from Christ.

After squaring my shoulders, I turned on my heel and faced the meadow that lay before me. The outdoor billboard read: “Welcome Goat Ropers.” In smaller lettering, the word “academy” was under the gargantuan welcome.

“Let’s go,” I said abruptly, trying to put all of ‘that’ behind me. With decisiveness, I stepped forward. Together we began walking down into a lush meadow. “Goat Ropers, isn’t that a sort of slang term for a cowboy?” I asked as we walked.

“Not these,” the Spirit of Counsel said, “this is an academy to train Judas goats to rope-in the sheep.”

I stopped “dead in my tracks”: “What?” I exclaimed.

“Oh yes,” Chastity said. “The enemy finds them useful.”

“But no child of God would be willing to learn how to lead their friends to slaughter,” I said and then began walking again.

“Most pretend not to know. The goats do not want to know,” Chastity said.

“But there is a gnawing feeling in the back of their minds,” added the Spirit of Counsel.

“Still,” I shook my head, “how can anyone justify leading God’s people to slaughter?”

“Compromise,” Chastity and the Spirit of Counsel said together.

“They decide that ‘getting along’ with mankind is more important than righteousness toward God:” the Spirit of Counsel said.

“They don’t want to ‘ruffle feathers.’ They want everything to be ‘nice,’” added Chastity. “They have convinced themselves that if everything is pleasant, they have fulfilled Christian love.”

“And because the sheep know them and even love them…” The Spirit of Counsel said.

“Yes,” said Chastity… “Forgive me for breaking in, but Judas Goats are always so loving, agreeable—attractive even, the enemy uses them as bait to draw in others.”

“To their spiritual death, at times,” the Spirit of Counsel added.

As we walked down the lush embankment, we caught sight of different pastures as the sheep moved to gather around that pasture’s goat. We could tell that they loved their goat.11

In the distance, a goat was leading a flock of sheep. The sign on the building to which they were being led read: Slaughterhouse.

“We must stop them,” I said with great alarm.

“No, Anna,” they would not hear you,” Chastity said, “they can only hear their goat for the goat’s very presence makes everything seem alright.”

“But…” I interjected.

“Later, Anna,” the Spirit of Counsel said.

We watched as the goat led the sheep into the Slaughterhouse. Almost immediately, the goat came out of an exit on the other end. The goat was welcomed by a demon posing as a man. It was praised and given delectable treats as, it too, was then led away.

I said: “The goat lives another day to lead new friends to their doom.”

“Yes,” said Chastity.

After a pause, the Spirit of Counsel sighed, “Come, Anna.” We turned to face the entrance to a garden. The walkway was flanked by two stone obelisks covered with mirrors. Beyond these lay what seemed to be an English country garden. The sign over the entrance read: the garden of worldly delights.

We entered the hedged in garden. It was lush, with a riot of flowers—all heights and types. Also, it was an absolute panic of colors. The Spirit of Counsel and Chastity and I stood amazed at the beauty and heavy fragrances of this country garden. With our eyes closed, we breathed in its intoxicating aromas.

When we opened our eyes, we continued to feast—but now, with our eyes. How so many varieties and colors could blend to display God’s beauty was an unexpected delight. I did not just experience the joy of the garden at that moment—it made me want to live in such beauty. It created a hunger. I shook my head to clear it from being seduced by the beauty before me.

It was then that I realized that the flowers had faces. They were talking to one another. Indeed, flower petals did circle their faces; however, the rest of them—that is to say, their bodies looked human. They were standing in a flowerbed, together, as if they were growing in that bed.

“The way lies before you, Anna,” the Spirit of Counsel said.

“Do not be seduced by what you see or what you hear,” Chastity added. Just then, a bouquet of wonderful aromas greeted us. “Or what you smell,” Chastity laughed.

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