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God Restored My Relationship With My Daughter When I Didn’t Deserve It

God Restored My Relationship With My Daughter When I Didn’t Deserve It

Spiritual Warfare Declarations Over Your Children

I have a daughter, and I've seen miracles, signs and wonders happen in my daughter's life. Even in the tough moments when I couldn't see the hand of God moving in my behalf. I want to share a personal moment of my life with my daughter with you.

When my ex-wife and I were divorced at a young age, my daughter was two years old. I loved my daughter with all my heart. I never stopped loving her. There were many weekends when I made promises to her at the age of two that I could come by and pick her up and take her out for ice cream or even a movie. At the time I was still a devil worshipper, I was not born again. This was B.C. (before Christ). I want to make that clear.

My daughter would sit by the window and wait for hours, and her daddy would never show up. That brought trauma into my daughter's life at a young age. Those unfortunate moments happened throughout the years as she was growing up. The false promises that I would be there, because I was more committed to the devil and his demons and the demonic world that I lived in than my own child.

Fast forward years later, Jesus Christ came into my heart and became my Lord and Savior. Throughout the years, my daughter and I were still in communication on and off. One day she asked me if she could come live with me, because she had a job opportunity in the city. I agreed, and she came and stayed with me for about eight months. That time turned out to be the most diabolical, satanic time together as my daughter started to manifest. All the pain and the hurt from the age of two and all the trauma devils that had incarcerated her throughout all those years with the broken promises that I didn't keep, which again were all my fault. I'm not justifying anything. I don't use anything as an excuse. I take full responsibility for my shortcomings. She started to curse and name call throughout the time she was there, even telling me she would call the police on me in my own apartment. I knew this was all an attack from the pit of hell.

The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me, "Let this ride out. Let the storm ride out."

It came to a point that one day the Lord asked me to send her back to her mother's house in upstate New York. And I remember I cried because I remember when Abraham had to put out Ishmael and Hagar. I'm sure he did it with a broken heart, like I did.

The last words of my daughter as she was leaving were, "You'll never be my dad ever again."

But I obeyed God. I remember I would get up early in the morning. 3 AM in the morning, so I could take an hour ride so I could watch my daughter commute to the subway station in Upstate New York so nothing would happen to her, her not knowing I was trying to protect her. Then I would cry my way back home.

To end my story, God did a miracle. Sometime later, God completely restored my relationship with my daughter through prayer, fasting and believing Him and His Word that for me and my household we would serve the Jesus Christ. Today I have a very supernatural, blessed relationship with my daughter. We pray together, we talk about Jesus and every time she needs me, I am always there. I don't miss a beat, because I have become the Daddy she always needed through the hands of Jesus Christ.

I pray you will have a story and a testimony about your children, that wherever you find yourself today, I tell you this, God is writing the story of your family. Don't lose hope. Don't lose faith. At this moment, it's time to fight back and let the devil know he picked the wrong house to mess with.

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