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Dr. Colbert's Secrets to a Healthy Gut

Dr. Colbert's Secrets to a Healthy Gut

Dealing with any illness or affliction is a daunting experience. When I grappled with psoriasis, it nearly pushed me to my limits. I fought against it every single day for years. And on top of the physical discomfort, the condition made me feel embarrassed, like I couldn't help my patients because I couldn't even help myself. But surprisingly, I found a solution for my psoriasis that was much simpler, cheaper, and less disruptive than I ever anticipated. Once I fixed the issues in my gut, my psoriasis gradually faded away, revealing just how much gut health can affect our well-being.

When your gut heals, you usually get incredible health benefits. As the foundation to so much, whether good or bad, the gut plays a surprisingly pivotal role in basically every disease known to man. In short, a healthy gut can usher in health and healing literally from head to toe.

It might sound counterintuitive, but embarking on the path to gut health starts with hitting the brakes. It's time to halt those eating, drinking, or other habits that might be unsettling your GI tract. By eliminating the culprits behind inflammation and leaky gut, you’re giving your body a chance to break free of its ongoing cycle. Keep in mind, our bodies often crave the very foods that invite inflammation and disease.

Getting your gut health back on track doesn't depend on using a lot of fancy supplements. The real key to fixing your gut is to stop using medicines and eating foods that harm it. You don't have to spend a ton of money on rare supplements—that's not the path we're taking here.

Healing your gut is mainly about giving it the essential nutrients it needs. While some supplements can help, most of what your gut needs will come from eating foods that have what it craves.

The goal is to restore a proper balance of beneficial bacteria, eradicate harmful microbes, facilitate the healing of your gut lining, and alleviate inflammation. To accomplish this, your dietary focus will typically need to include these elements: fiber, polyphenols, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Incorporating fermented food and resistant starches into your diet, if you haven't already, is crucial. These choices provide remarkable benefits to the good bacteria in your gut. The good news is that when you nourish your gut with the right food and eliminate problematic elements, it often can self-heal. The process is surprisingly straightforward.

You might find that some of the food and drinks you desire are off the table (no pun intended), or you might need to cut back considerably. Yet your overall well-being hinges on revitalizing your gut, so the effort is certainly worth it!

What could be unsettling your colon and leading to constipation? Among the common culprits I often come across are excessive stress, a sluggish or underactive thyroid, and a deficiency in essentials like exercise, fiber, fluids, and magnesium.

Adopting a gut-friendly diet isn’t as challenging or unconventional as it might appear to some. Here’s a rundown of natural food that would be beneficial in your diet:

Avocado: This stands out as possibly the finest fruit/vegetable combo ever cultivated. Unlike most fruits that contain sugar, which feeds bad gut bacteria, avocados are almost sugar-free. They pack in good fats (avocado oil is highly beneficial), fiber (a vital component often lacking in diets), magnesium, and potassium.

Oils: Opt for organic, extra-virgin avocado and olive oils that come loaded with vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols—all nutrients your gut continually craves.

Resistant Starches: Instead of the usual suspects like white or red potatoes, shift your focus to sweet potatoes, yucca, or taro root. However, limit portions to half a cup since they’re rich in carbs. These alternatives align with what your gut craves: minimal sugar content and abundant fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Your gut prefers this kind of thinking: “Feed me food low in sugars and carbs, brimming with fiber, probiotics, prebiotics, and polyphenols, and I will be content. When I’m content, your health thrives. And with thriving health, you are happy.”

This is the fundamental goal when it comes to choosing food, eating healthily, and nourishing your gut. The process should not be overly complicated or arduous; otherwise, it’s unlikely to be followed. Thankfully, your gut is easy to please.

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