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Don’t Let the Demons Run the Night

Don’t Let the Demons Run the Night

Destroying Demons that Attack You At Night

I understand, as a person who came from a highlevel of the highest hierarchy of the demonic world, how demons operate, how they function and the demonic assignments that they take on. They inflict you during the night, torment you during the night and even show up in your home during the night so that they can accomplish whatever satanic mission they have against you, your family, and your loved ones. Even pastors and leaders around the world are being attacked by these night stalkers.

In my case, as a believer, I would have dreams with demonic occult people who at one time in my life I was involved with. They would be in my dreams trying to sway me or convince me or try to incarcerate me  by appearing in my dreams asking if I needed a cleansing, or ceremony done by them. And I would come out, right away in my dream, preaching the gospel. I could see the frustration and the anger in them that they could not even grab me in my own dreams.

It's time to destroy these things once and for all so you can get your sleep and your rest in Christ Jesus throughout the night, so you can be armed and dangerous in the morning.

The devil will always try and find the weakest point in your life. If he cannot get to you during the day, he will take his chance at night to try to kill, steal and destroy your life and your soul.

But I have bad news for the devil and I have good news for you. Our nights, our bedrooms, our homes, and our apartments do not have to be under these demonic attacks with us staying with our hands folded, doing nothing about it.

As you pray these prayers, the weapons of heaven, the weapons of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, are going to bind these devils. They will search them out and we are going to destroy every demonic activity, work, plot, scheme of the enemy and shut the door once and for all. Our night season will be blessed, anointed, sanctified and purified through the Lord Jesus Christ, today and forevermore.

Prayers Against the Night Terrors of the Demonic

Father in Jesus' name, I dedicated my home to You, completely and fully, from the inside out, in Jesus' name.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I dedicate my whole entire family to You who lives in this home, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, now.

I command right now the arrows dipped in the blood of Jesus to destroy every satanic night attack of every demon that is trying to come into my home and my dreams to torment me and my family. Let them be destroyed in Jesus' name.

In the name of Jesus, I scatter the demonic forces from the north, the south, the east and the west.  I smite them with the blood of Jesus now, in Jesus' name.

The evil workers and night stalkers, I put the judgment of God upon your heads today, in Jesus' name.

I destroy every satanic, demonic power of darkness that is trying to creep into my dreams to alter my purpose and my destiny. Let them be destroyed today, in Jesus' name.

I reject now and forever every temptation throughout the night in my dreams or by my beside or in my home that the enemy is trying to put on me and my family. Let it drown in the blood of Jesus, tonight.

I refuse to come in agreement with any night stalkers and every satanic force that operates throughout the night. Me and my house will serve Jesus Christ, in Jesus' name, amen.

Every demon that has been assigned to me, that has come to destroy me, I put the fire of the Holy Spirit upon you all. Burn completely to ashes, in Jesus' name, amen.

I send back every demonic stalker and every demonic night spirit that is operating throughout the night. I send them back to the sender. Let the alter be destroyed and let the judgement of God fall upon their heads so they come to repentance in Jesus' name.

Father, I release the wrath of God upon these demons that stand by my bedside that are choking me, that are paralyzing me spiritually, that I cannot even yell out the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Let those devils be uprooted out of my home, completely and fully, never to return, in Jesus' name.

Father, I put a wall of fire in my home, in my family, in every room, in every place, from the attic to the basement of my home and these devils will not have the opportunity to enter. I cover every doorway and every window in the blood of Jesus Christ, in Jesus' name.

I cover my family, my home and myself right now in the blood of Jesus Christ and I give God the glory, the praise and the honor to His name for protecting me and my family, completely and fully, in Jesus' name, amen. Give God praise.

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