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The Return of the Gods

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Is it possible that behind what is taking place in America and the world lies a mystery that goes back to the gods of the ancient world…and that they now have returned?

The Return of the Gods, Cahn takes the reader on a journey from an ancient parable, the ancient inscriptions in Sumer, Assyria, and Babylonia that become the puzzle pieces behind what is taking place in our world to this day, specifically in America.

The mystery involves the gods. Who are they? What are they? And is it possible that these beings, whose origins are from ancient times, are the unseen catalysts of modern culture?

Is it possible that these gods lie behind the most pivotal events, forces, and movements taking place in our nation and around the world at this very moment? Are the gods at this very moment transforming our culture, our children, our lives, and America itself?

Could this mystery have even determined the exact days on which Supreme Court decisions had to be handed down?

What is the Dark Trinity?

Is it possible that what we in the modern world take as nothing more than ancient mythology could actually possess a reality beyond our fathoming?

Who is the Possessor? The Enchanter? The Destroyer? And the Sorceress?

Could a sign that has appeared all over America and the world be linked to the gods of Mesopotamia? And if so, what does it actually mean?

Could the gods have returned to New York City and an ancient mythology played out on the streets in real time?

Is it possible that the gods lie behind everything from the sexual revolution to what appears on our computer monitors, our televisions and movie screens; to the lessons given in our classrooms; to the breakdown of the family; to wokism; to the occult; to our addictions; to the Supreme Court; to cancel culture; to children’s cartoons; to every force and factor that has transformed the parameters of gender; to that which appears in our stores, on our T-shirts, and on our coffee mugs—to that which is, at this very moment, transforming America and much of the world? Is it possible that behind all these things are ancient mysteries that go back to the Middle East and ancient Mesopotamia? This and so much more, most of which we can’t even reveal in this description, will be uncovered.

Is it possible that the gods are even affecting your life right now? How can you recognize it? And what can you do about it?

The Return of the Gods is not only one of the most explosive books you’ll ever read but also one of the most profound. It will reveal the most stunning secrets and truths behind what is happening before your eyes in America and the nations. You will see things, even in your world, in a whole new light. With such chapters as “The House of Spirits,” “The Avatar,” “The Masters,” “The Deep Magic,” and “The Day of the Goddess,” The Return of the Gods will take readers on a fascinating, unforgettable, and mind-blowing journey that will leave them stunned and with the ability to see the world as they never have before.

Be prepared to be blown away as you open up Jonathan Cahn’s most explosive book ever, The Return of the Gods!

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About the Author

Jonathan Cahn caused a worldwide stir with the release of his explosive first book The HarbingerThe book became an instant New York Times best seller and brought him to national and international prominence. His next books were all New York Times bestsellers as well: The Mystery of the ShemitahThe Book of MysteriesThe Paradigm, The Oracleand The Harbinger II: The Return. He was named, along with Billy Graham, one of the top forty spiritual leaders of the last forty years to have radically impacted the world. Called the prophetic voice of this generation, he has spoken on Capitol Hill, at the United Nations, and to millions of people around the world. He is known for opening the deep mysteries of Scripture and bringing forth messages of prophetic import. Cahn leads Hope of the World ministry, an international outreach of teaching, evangelism, and compassion projects for the world’s most needy. He also leads the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center made up of Jews and Gentiles, people of all backgrounds, just outside New York City, in Wayne, New Jersey.

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Publisher:‎ Frontline (September 6, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Hardcover: ‎256 pages
ISBN-10: ‎1636411428
ISBN-13: ‎978-1636411422
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Customer Reviews

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Bertha Thurlow


Lisa Bell

I read this book and so ordered and sent to a local prison with 2 other books. A MUST read.

ILene Grant
good book

This is a great book and wonderful author.

Nancy Beebe
Valuable insight

Valuable insight and eye opener

Lori Hines
Return of the Gods Resonates With Me

I'm not very far in, just started reading this book. However, I have to share the significance of this book for me. I'm looking at it for answers. My whole life has been subject to influences I recognized and have wrote about that match the premise of this book. In fact, back in 2011, I was convinced I would become a famous screenplay writer, and began to study how to do it. I read books, I networked with writers, I got Final Draft software, I entered contests. Then I embarked on writing my first epic screenplay which I entitled "The God of Games." The plot involved the Greek, mythical, God Zeus operating through a casino. Weird story. Anyhow, I exceeded the recommended 120 page limit and still had no ending in sight. I even began to write a sequel to it. I had the incomplete, big, sloppy, work registered online with the Writers Guild. The problem? Something inside me said, "Don't do this". Quit writing these stories. You will anger the one true God because Hollywood glorifies these false Gods. So I quit writing it in 2013. Then I was miffed because I saw someone wrote a movie called Gods Behaving Badly, and I felt robbed because I thought of my story first. She had big name actors signed on, and I was miffed that I missed my chance because this showed there was demand for this genre, but now mine would not seem original if I were to finish it. I got over my momentary indignation and remembered it wasn't worth burning in the lake of fire for putting out such a story. Then the movie, based on a book, that got my ego and pride all in a frenzy never hit the screens here. Anyhow, I went on to dedicating my life to Christ. I read many references to these false gods in the KJV of the Bible. I believe I even read in Deuteronomy that we are NOT to even say their names!! I'll have to look that up again. So this book is like a confirmation from God to me that it was not worth it to ever want to write such screenplays!