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Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin

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Brief Summary:

If I am a Christian why do I still struggle with sin? The answer to the question we all hate to admit we ask is finally revealed. The often quoted answer is that the flesh is still alive in us, even after salvation. The problem is we never knew just how alive it really was. Until now. It took years of medical advances to realize what Paul was telling us all along: Our human fleshly nature that predisposes us to sin really is our flesh.

That’s right. You will find in these pages the mystery of the flesh finally revealed through insights gained in medical science that show that your fleshly nature is thoroughly rooted in and composed of just what Paul told us - your flesh and blood. Your nervous system, chemicals, cells, hormones – everything that is you combines to produce your human nature, and it is corrupted by sin. It arises from every inch of your being.

It is who you are through and through, from head to toe, which explains why it has been so tough to beat. You can begin conquering the flesh in your life by throwing away all the vague notions of “the old man of the flesh” or the “fleshly nature.” It is not mystical or esoteric or vague it is as real as the nose on your face. In fact the nose on your face is part of it.

Using this realization, we will take the approach of a doctor and begin by reviewing your symptoms. You will learn that the problems you struggle with over and over in life are signs of a deeper problem in your flesh. We will then examine your flesh for areas where it is infected by the illness of sin. You will see why your tendency is to be defensive – your neurologic system is programmed this way. You will see why you are driven to certain harmful behaviors by your reflexes. You will understand addictions when you discover how dependent you are on sensory stimuli.

And many more aspects of the flesh will be discussed to help you understand and identify the area in your life that keeps problems continually resurfacing. The climax is a prescription for cure using the scriptural process of sanctification, which now takes on new meaning. With the new revelation of how real and powerful your flesh is you will also recognize how much you need the power of the Holy Spirit to set you free. Like a powerful medicine, the power of the Spirit will be applied directly to the source of the problem deep in your life.

The result is real change in your life that lasts. Just like the operations that I use as a surgeon to help cure my patients, this process can be painful. The result, however, is the elimination of the problem that leads you into sin and renewed spiritual health and strength. If you are in need of this type of healing open these pages - the doctor will see you now...

About the Author
Clark D Gerhart, MD, FACS. Studied in both medicine and theology, it is no wonder that Dr. Gerhart's first book explores the relationship between the flesh and the spirit as they determine our behaviors. Both our physical processes and spiritual inner workings are better understood by examining how they interrelate to make us uniquely human.

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Publisher: Independently published (November 26, 2019)
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