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Charisma Magazine: Life in the Spirit, October 2020

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Why Most Charismatics Will Vote for Donald Trump
America has had four years of reprieve. Have we repented as a nation and as a church?


  • Spiritual Authority in the Elections Take dominion using the three acts of rulership believers can exercise under Jesus' headship
  • Rewriting the Narrative
    Pastor Jon Tyson calls on the church to regain its influence in culture by advancing the kingdom story
  • When Reformers Fall
    Learn from the life and fall of Hezekiah, an Old Testament figure and cultural reformer
  • Decoding Jeremiah
    Heed the weeping prophet Jeremiah's ancient warnings for all who have ears to hear in today's generation
    • Revival hits Southern California beach
    • Comedian John Crist reappears with an apology
    • Krissy Nelson's - Slaying the Giant of Fear
    • John Swinton's - Finding Jesus in the Storm
    • Bill Johnson's - Born for Significance
    • Patrick and Ruth Schwenk's - In a Boat in the Middle of a Lake
    • Samuel R. Chand's - Harnessing the Power of Tension