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Charisma Magazine: Life in the Spirit, Jan/Feb 2020

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The Invisible War
Daniel Kolenda says Christians cannot afford to ignore spiritual warfare any longer. Here's how to arm yourself against powers and principalities. 


  • A Holy Challenge for a Secular TimeThe church has slidden into compromise and forgotten its Holiness roots. How can we get America and the church back on track?
  • Tomorrow's Charismatic Leaders
    Longtime leaders are retiring, and they're passing the torch to a new generation. here are five ways tomorrow's church will be different than today's.
  • The Case for Fasting
    The scientific community is finally catching on to what believers have known for millenia: Fasting can truly benefit your life. Here's how.
  • Reckless Love
    The writer of the hit worship song explains why he chose the word "reckless" to describe God-and why he'd do it again.
    • Kanye West's Christian album hits No. 1 on Billboard charts
    • Magic Johnson serves local church
    • America's Got Talent winner performs tribute for Truett Foster McKeehan
    • Doug Bender's  I Choose Peace
    • Selah's  Firm Foundation
    • Jane Hamon's  Discernment
    • Review:  Mark Stuart's  Losing My Voice to Find It