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Beyond the Flame : A Journey from Burning Devastation to Healing Restoration

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Ten days after a terrible explosion left her fighting for her life, Hollywood stuntwoman Desiree Ayres walked out of the Sherman Oaks Burn Center completely healed and whole. Today she is on fire for God, sharing her powerful testimony of miraculous healing and restoration with everyone she meets.

What are you trusting God for? Physical healing? A financial miracle? Nothing is too big for God--what He did for Desiree, He will do for you. Beyond the Flame will encourage you to stand on the promises of God’s Word, speak life into your situation, and claim your miracle.


Desiree Ayres grew up in Hollywood, where her family’s profession was stunt work. Following in their footsteps, Desiree became one of Hollywood’s top stuntwomen, working on such shows as The Dukes of Hazzard and Remington Steele. Completely healed from life-threatening injuries as well as eating disorders, Desiree now boldly declares the truth of God’s Word. Desiree co-pastors with her husband, Mel Ayres, In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, California. Whether ministering at home or abroad, Desiree’s mission remains the same: populate heaven, plunder hell, and have some fun while doing it.


  • ISBN-10: 1616389567
  • ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781616389567
  • Number Of Pages: 160
  • Publisher: Charisma House
  • Imprint: Creation House
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  • Publication Date: 20120605
  • Language: English


“The power and poignancy of Desiree Ayres’ story is loaded with uplifting hope…beginning with building a sound and satisfying relationship with God.”
—Dr. Jack W. Hayford, Chancellor, The King’s University, Los Angeles

Having known Desiree Ayres and her testimony that she has shared to countless thousands over the years, I can highly recommend that you read her book. Her miracle testimony builds the faith of the reader. Having been in the healing ministry, this book can play a major role in one’s healing.

God has healed Desiree and is using her to minister healing to others. Beyond the Flame is a must read for anyone interested in gaining a practical and loving perspective of God’s ultimate power and willingness to heal.

Beyond the Flame
is a great book of God’s love, mercy and loving kindness. Desiree is blessed  to be alive and well (as I am) after a stunt went wrong and she was in an explosion. I salute you and Mel and know Jesus is proud of you.
—Dodie Osteen, Co-Founder, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

Desiree Ayres is an amazing woman with a story that will move you and encourage you. In Beyond the Flame she shares her compelling story of surviving a fourteen-foot fire bomb while working as a stunt double. You will be inspired and enriched by Desiree’s wisdom and remarkable story.
—Lisa Osteen Comes, Author, You Are Made for More!