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You Were Made For Spiritual AND PHYSICAL Wellness

Books For Living A Physically Richer Life From Christian Physician Dr. Don Colbert M.D.

Nourish Your Temple

Nourish Your Temple

Do you want to nurture the gifts God gave you? You were made for spiritual AND PHYSICAL wellness! Christian physician and New York Times best-selling author Don Colbert brings you books that will nourish your temple in 2022. Fight fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, high cholesterol, foggy thinking, severe menopause symptoms, and more through tools laid out in book bundles for increasing your longevity and honoring your body! Enhance your life and your body to do God's work. 


What Others Are Saying

"A wealth of information! I lost 15 pounds in my first month! The best part is I feel great and have energy. My moods have really improved. I have suffered skin breakouts for so long and tried so many things to clear it up. Being on this diet is clearing up the breakouts. I am in my 40's. I am recommending this book to my friends."

 Stephanie C Green

While reading book started making menus in book and lost 7 lbs in 6 days followed that up with urine test strips to verify I was in the keto zone thank you dieted my whole life this is best never hungry and weight drops daily. Can't wait to do blood colesteral test in few months

 Susan Marcoline

This book was very interesting. If you have stomach issues and have had it for awhile, this is the book to read. It won't be easy to hear, but it's true. We just don't take care of ourself anymore. Processed foods are killing us. This book doesn't beat around the bush and it isn't for the faint of heart to read. But if you are interested in getting your self better, read it and follow it.

Mary F.

Dr. Don Colbert M.D.

Dr. Don Colbert M.D.

Don Colbert, MD, has been a board‐certified family practice doctor for more than twenty‐five years in Orlando, Florida, and most recently in Dallas, Texas. 

He is also board certified in antiaging medicine through the American Academy of Anti‐Aging Medicine and has received extensive training in nutritional and preventive medicine. He is the author of three New York Times best‐selling books, including The Seven Pillars of Health and Dr. Colbert’s “I Can Do This” Diet, along with best sellers Toxic Relief, the Bible Cure series, Living in Divine Health, and Stress Less. He has sold more than ten million books and treated more than fifty thousand patients in his years of practicing medicine.