Charisma Magazine - 2021 / 11 NOVEMBER

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    Signs of Awakening - By Joel Kilpatrick

    Evangelist Muriel Murillo is seeing incredible fruit in his tent crusades. Is this the beginning of the revival we have been praying for?


    • God Has a New Season for You - By Kevin Wallace
      Your breakthrough lies ahead. Are you ready to step into it?
    • If the Foundations Are Destroyed - By David Barton
      On the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving, America's foundations are under attack. What is the truth about our history, and why does it matter?
    • 10 Ways the Church Can Thrive in These Evil Days - By Joseph Mattera
      Our immoral culture has gained the upper hand in today, yet we know Jesus ultimately wins this battle.
    • Can You Hear Me Now? - By Kim Daniels
      Align your life in faith and make your words hold weight in the Spirit.
    • Supernatural Guidance in the Night Season - By Kendall Laughlin Jr.
      God is speaking to us in dreams. Can we hear what he is saying?


        • Slavery Descendant Refutes Critical Race Theory
        • Charles Greene Dead at 95
        • Harvard's Atheist Chaplain


        • Kim Daniel's book - Pray Out Loud
        • Kevin Wallace's book - After This
        • Jon Tyson's book - The Intentional Father
        • Charisma Courses, feat. Katie Souza - The Holy Spirit and Dunamis Power (Instrumental Music Soaker with Prayers and Teaching)
        • Theresa Harvard Johnson's teaching - 40 Signs of a Prophetic Scribe
        • Housefires' CD -  Housefires VII (Live)

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