Charisma Magazine - 2021 / 01 JANUARY/FEBRUARY

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    What Are the Odds? - By Stephen Strang

    Mike Lindell overcame an addiction to gambling and drugs. His MyPillow business has now given him a platform to help transform a generation.


    • God Has Pushed the Reset Button - By J. Lee Grady
      God is resetting out lives with the challenges of 2020. Will you accept His pruning?
    • Your Divine Rx for Hope in 2021 - By Fred Antonelli, Ph.D.
      God can heal you mind, body and spirit as you tackle real-life issues and look for His favor in the year to come.
    • Dead Silence or Living Words? - By Dr. Mark Sherwood
      Move into life and lasting health in the coming year as you steward the Holy Spirit's temple well.
    • Activate Heaven with Your Voice - By John Eckhardt
      Win spiritual battles and walk in divine favor by speaking words from God to bring heaven to earth.
    • Heal Your Gut for Overall Health - By Don Colbert, M.D.
      Learn how the gut is connected to the health of your whole body, the Spirit's dwelling place.


        • Racial unity champion Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. dies
        • Sadie Robertson Huff launches new worship initiative


        • Win the Day
        • Rivers of Divine Truth
        • Turn Your Season Around and more
        • Joel Vaughn's - Louder Than the Lies
        • Carol McLeod's - Vibrant

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