Charisma Magazine - 2019 / 10 OCTOBER

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    The Church in Babylon

    Pastor John Mark Comer had a mid-life crisis by the age of 30 that forced him to change his approach to ministry. Now he and Bridgetown Church are reaching Portland with the gospel. 


    • The Silent Divorce
      For too long, the Word and Spirit movements have been separated. Here's why they need each other
    • The New Witchcraft
      What's behind the rise of witches today? How should the church respond to this pagan practice?
    • ISIS' Most Wanted
      High-risk missionary and former Marine, Victor Marx, brings the love of Jesus to some ot the most dangerous places on Earth, including ISIS' own territory
    • The Five Stages of Spiritual Development
      No matter where you are in your walk with God, there's always room to grow. Take the next step in your spirtual formation today


    • NFL quarterback, Derek Carr, preaches at Jesus Culture Sacramento
    • Local churches pay off more than $7 million of medical debt
    • The Send's 2020 gathering will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil


    • Pure Flix's  Unplanned
    • Joshua Mills'  Seeing Angels
    • Max Lucado's  How Happiness Happens

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