The Theory of Leadership

A Moral Construct of Biblical Leaders Whose Character Caused the Rise and Fall of a Nation

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  • Can you imagine hearing a newly elected official taking the following oath of office: “Do you solemnly swear that if you are not here to help us you at least won't hurt us?”

    That may sound far-fetched, but it isn’t. For the strength of any nation is directly related to the overall well-being of its citizens. In God’s eyes, how well a nation's leaders treat those who have been marginalized by the larger society has more to do with the country’s rise or fall than its political, military, or intellectual might.

    If you are concerned for the plight of humanity, this book is for you. Though written from a leader’s perspective, its biblical principles and practices are universal.

    You will see which personal characteristics cause a leader to rise or fall. From that, you will gain valuable leadership tools for yourself by learning how other leaders have been able to garner the favor of God during difficult leadership situations.
  • Dr. McKinley Johnson has served in various leadership roles throughout his professional and ecclesiastical development. Having earned five academic degrees and one post-graduate certificate, he is the author of Natural Leader Development and Values-Centered Leadership.
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