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Charisma Magazine: Life in the Spirit, May/June 2022

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Charisma magazine is dedicated to empowering believers to live life in the Spirit. Each issue of Charisma magazine contains articles, teachings, and spirit-led resources to gain a more intimate knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

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Cover Story

  • Bringing the Light of Hope by Joel Kilpatrick


  • How to Pray for America by Germaine Copeland
  • Your Inner Extrovert for the Gospel by Ben Williams
  • No Birth Without Travail by Barbara Yoder
  • Behind the Scenes: The Harbingers of Things to Come by Ken Peckett
  • The Obedience, Miracles and Legacy of Elisha by R.T. Kendall
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Prophetic Ministry by Hubie Synn
  • Did Jesus Feel Shame, Too? by Steve Foss
  • God Wants You to Multiply by J. Lee Grady


  • Dr. Gerald Derstine, Charismatic Renewal figure remembered
  • Copelands celebrate 60th wedding anniversary
  • The Babylon Bee stands strong against Cancel Culture


"Don't let the Devil steal your promise."
- Fire in my Bones By J. Lee Grady

"Circumstances don't cause stress, how we handle them does."
- Straight Talk by Joyce Meyer

"Hard-won lessons from the lockdown season."
- Things to Come By John Alarid

"Take hold of God's peace in the midst of trouble."
- Guest Columnist, Pat Robertson

"The unreported side of Putin's Ukraine war."
- Strang Report by Stephen Strang

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