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The Elites Not-So-Hidden Plan

The Elites Not-So-Hidden Plan

How Might You Bring Down A Country?

A grand plan like this is unthinkable.  This kind of destruction is just plain meaner than anything any normal, loving person is capable of.  This brutal pounding down right into the dirt of an entire country is simply beyond the pale.  It's as if the devil has risen from the depths, a monster unleashed upon us.

The extreme of the plans, go to the depths of depravity.  But if a small group of people tried to, how do you think they'd break a country as badly as America has been broken?

Well, they might build very tall towers in which all the people could live, and those towers would be given catchy names such as "vertical self-management centers" to entice the people to move there.

And every floor in these thick, concrete towers would have a center square cut out, from the top of the building to the bottom, so that at mealtimes you could lower a big concrete slab down from the top, laden with the finest cuisine and tasty treats, stopping for only a minute at each floor down its long flight to the bottom.

Residents on the top floor can eat their fill, play with the food, gorge on it without care, whatever they want.  As the slab descends, there is less and less food on it, until those on the bottom floors are greeted with empty platters of chicken bones. They are left to starve, or they turn on their floor mates to survive, or they just leap into the darkness of that center void. 

And if any of the rules are broken, unseen authorities who are watching on hidden cameras crank up heat or the cold until they have forced compliance.

In fact, I've just sketched the plot line of a 2019 Spanish horror film called The Platform, which took a jab at both capitalist and socialist form of government.

 Yes, a horror film.  A historian tale of a world gone utterly mad.  Yet in its methods and monstrous ambitions, this world is not so different from what a small group of people are trying to shove down our throats today.  Not that different and with so many similarities that The Platform is practically a metaphor for the disgraceful disintegration we are witnessing in America today.

 So, let's go deeper into the metaphor, into what these people would do if allowed.  How they might construct a soul-destroying platform aimed at taking a nation's proud, enduring ideals, including faith in God, and crushing them for their own personal gain.

How Might You Bring Down a Country?

You'd need to gain control of every lever of modern power, for starters.  That would mean coaxing all the biggest bases of power into joining you in a strategic camaraderie of sorts.  You'd promise all these allies that everyday citizens were going to love what you were doing, even fall down in worship to your ingenious plan as it moves some 90 percent of the nation's wealth out of their pockets into your own.

You'd have to corral both the executive and legislative branches of government, as well as the vast, sprawling Washington bureaucracy.  Having the judiciary would give you all three arms of government, which would be just awesome.  But you could live without the judges, since they could become a proxy for government and useful in making citizens believe the republic is still working.

But political parties would have to be bought off -the easiest job of all, since the core principles of each party and their commitment to actually doing anything have long since blown away in the wind.  Simply by showing them how they'd be able to parlay their election-night victories into plum positions in the wealth extraction machine, that'll seal the deal.  At a minimum, acting lessons would be called for, since a lot of -OK, all of -their time would be spent performing before the cameras, selling a narrative that few of them could otherwise manage.

Among the hardest tasks -in fact, surely the hardest of all -would be convincing left-wing activists to go along with the scheme.  The solution -and a brilliant one, at that -would be to give then a seat at the table.  Not a real seat, of course.  A fake one you could call stakeholder capitalism, which they'd think is peachy (unless they bother to look up the meaning of the words; nah, not likely).

Yes, people did this.  Only a couple thousand people, to be precise.  All with seats at the head table of a shapeless, shadowy, and often lethal power structure -an elite state.

Our American experiment, as it approaches its 250th anniversary, has come to the inevitable fork in the road at which every living thing arrives.  We must now find a way to extend our nation's golden years, of fall deeper into a death spiral.  It is no longer a decision to be put off for another day.  It is ours, now.  We must make it right!

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