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Are You an Elijah?

Are You an Elijah?

The fire of revival is coming. 

I believe revival is coming now, for this generation. We will not die but live and declare the works of the Lord. We will see glory of the Lord manifested on the earth. We will see an outpouring of revival that will change hearts, change lives, change families, change communities, change cities, change nations, and change the world. Are you ready?

There was a time in Israel’s history that was characterized by idolatry, declining morality, and a turning away from the one true God. Israel was in need of revival. The people of Israel were in need of a call to repentance. They were in need of reformation. They were in need of restoration. So the Lord sent a prophet named Elijah.

We are now living in a time characterized by idolatry, declining morality, and a turning away from the one true God. We are in need of revival. We are in need of a call to repentance. We are in need of reformation. We are in need of restoration. So the Lord is sending Elijahs. A new company of Elijahs is being raised up. A new company of prophets—holy, bold, and uncompromising—are being equipped to restore the spiritual destiny of the church in this generation. Are you an Elijah?

The Elijah anointing asks a key question: How long will you falter between two opinions? This anointing offends the mind to reveal the heart (Matt. 11:6). God is calling forth prophets with the heart of Elijah to boldly stand against churches of compromise and temples of tolerance. These men and women will be outspoken, unreserved, frank, and candid. They will come with a clear presentation of the gospel and will not be ambiguous or unintelligible. Their level of boldness and clarity will not be something that will come out of their own strength, but instead it will be the result of being filled with the unction and zeal of the Holy Spirit.

Just as Elijah did in his day in coming against Ahab, Jezebel, and the prophets of Baal, today’s Elijah prophets will challenge and confront all illegal spiritual authority. They will operate in miracles, sign, and wonders testifying of the power, presence, and vengeance of God against idolatry in all its forms.

The miracles of Elijah will not happen in a vacuum. God acts on the earth in response to prayer. Elijah prophets access the spirit and power of Elijah through persistent prayer (James 5:16-18) and fasting, making tremendous power available to them so that when they pray, they too will have the ability to open and shut the heavens.
As these prophets build altars in worship and prayer to God, He will release manifestations of power—great might and force—giving them the right, the authority, to act and govern the heavens.

Elijah’s anointing broke through four hundred years of religion and tradition, backsliding, and hardness of heart. We need this level of power in operation today. The Elijah generation arising today will set life back on course and speak forth destiny into the lives of individuals, families, cities, nations, and generations. It will restore the broken pathways of righteousness and help prepare the way for God’s purposes.

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