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Anna Rountree’s Heavenly Vision and Commission to Fight the Enemy

Anna Rountree’s Heavenly Vision and Commission to Fight the Enemy

Below is an excerpt from Anna Rountree’s ‘The Warrior King’ and the vision she had of heaven where God set her on mission to fight against the enemy.

Brilliant with light was the throne, and He who sat upon it. I seemed exceedingly small as I gazed up into the dazzling light that hid my Heavenly Father’s face. His chest, arms, legs, and feet glowed with an equal inner light; His flowing garment spilled out onto the sea of glass. I dropped to my knees with my face to the floor.

“Daddy,” I said in a choked whisper.
“We have been waiting for you,” He said.
“Daddy,” I lifted my head slightly … “terrible things are happening on earth.”
“And what are you going to do about them?”
“Me?” I gasped in shock. I looked up and saw Jesus standing to the right of our Heavenly Father. Jesus was clothed in gleaming, silver armor and was intent on my answer. Before Him was a huge sword on which He rested both of His hands. He seemed primed for battle and concerned about the loss of any minute given to discussion instead of action.
“Who am I, Daddy?”
“Who indeed?” He replied.
Jesus spoke: “Anna, you cannot defeat the supernatural with bullets or bombs. This enemy is immortal.”
“We must do something.” I pleaded.
“Now,” My Father said in a manner used to transition from one subject to another.

It was as though my arrival had broken into court business, and He was ready to re-engage it. “As to the matter that has been brought before Us:”
“Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?”
I realized that He had moved on to broader concerns, concerns of the Kingdom—perhaps of the world. What He asked sounded vaguely familiar … then I remembered the call that went out in Heaven in Isaiah’s day when Isaiah boldly answered before the others assembled saying: “Here am I. Send me!” … and he who was not a part of the heavenly court was allowed to go. Could I do the same? Suddenly I felt emboldened and flushed with the thought that I might be able to help.

“I will go, Father,” I said—in the zeal of the moment.

“You, Anna?”

There was a rustle among the angels and the redeemed.
Jesus spoke to clarify the mission. “Anna, We need an emissary that will extract a beneficence that was locked away in Our garden when it was shut to mankind and its entrance guarded. After the flood, it was taken and hidden in black caves. This was many years ago. In this hour, we have need of it for the coming battle.”

“Now that you have heard the need, Anna, do you still wish to go?” My Father asked. “Yes!” I exclaimed, hardly able to contain my excitement. Then I thought, “Where is it?” “Stolen,” Jesus said, reading my mind. “We received a taunt this very day.”

A taunt? Who was arrogant enough to taunt the Living God to His face? I remembered that the enemy used taunts in Biblical times. But this would not unnerve God Almighty. It was an affront, that’s what it was—Satan was mocking our God. I felt a fury growing in me even as David did when the giant challenged the God of Israel, mocking Him.

A wave of consternation ran through those assembled.

“Father, it is underground,” Jesus concluded.

“Anna?” My Father questioned as if giving me another chance to refuse.

“I will go.” I said, now burning with indignation.

There was a cheer that went up among the redeemed. I had almost forgotten about them.

“Very well. So be it.” My Father confirmed. “Bless you, My child,” He said. Then He removed His hands. I leaned into the light, overpowered by His love and also very light-headed. I hugged the lower part of His garment.

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